Stefan M Wierda, PhD

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Early 2011, Richard List called and told me that he was fed up with the flooding of his wallet by tons of loyalty stamps and passes that he gathered from the small independent stores all over the province. He understood that these small stores were eagerly trying to reward and bind customers to their cause—even though many had not really any idea about who visit their store. It then struck him. Why not combine the different stamps and passes into one uniform digitalised system? By setting up a company that allowed for all the small and medium businesses to join a single loyalty program, these businesses could potentially cooperate and identify their customers without any major investment in an own loyalty program or customer survey. Small companies would have access to resources on customer data that their major competitors collect on their own. Additionally, this would cut down the quantity of stamps and passes in Richard's wallet. 

As soon as I had heard Richard pitch, I decided to join him on his venture to create the loyalty program for medium and small businesses. Richard would take care of the commercial part of the business and I would do the technical implementation of the system. After two years, in 2013, Doddledays BV was found in the north of the Netherlands. After a year of piloting with a select number of companies, Doddledays now has a dozen member companies and is active in two cities. The upcoming year, Doddledays will keep expanding to other cities in the north and east of the Netherlands.